Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Open Karate Seminar WSKF England January 2020

Excellent training session with WSKF England and Scotland. Special thanks to Sensei Mitsuoka Tomiko and Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya for making this possible. To Sensei Andy Hunt, Alasdair Taylor, Stewart Rennie, George Christodoulides, Sorcha Mc. Corry for such excellent support. Students and parents from UK, WSKF Renseikan Dojo, Aberdeen Bushido, AXIOS Shotokan Karate Center and WSKF-SEDAI.

6 hours of intensity and dynamic training in Kihon, Kata and Kumite. The topics were diverse and innovator: We were able to visualize the range spectrum of Kata has in Kumite and how it can be blend in a smart and accurate way. We did focus on how to be precise in sen-no-sen, and also being able to incorporate the use of more that 2 limbs in our defensive and offensive system. Method to improve the reaction visual and tactile and how we can build endurance and stamina. Tips in Kata, Kumite and the way on how we can make Kihon more interesting.

The most important was have had the opportunity to share with Senior WSKF instructors and Students different perspectives and also the opportunity to re-enforce the aim of WSKF has world wide.
Really happy with the result.


Francisco Astudillo

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