Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Budo Tips Vol. IV, No. 10, January 2020. International Edition WSKF USA Foundation

Dear students, instructors, parents, sponsors and friends of the WSKF USA Foundation,

True to our mission of supporting the development of karate-do and WSKF in the US, we enclose Volume IV, Number 10 of our BUDO tips International Edition. This issue returns to our traditional sections after our last special edition:

Editorial: "And 4..."
 BudoBushido: The Code or the Warrior “

II. TechniqueWKF 2020 Olympic Rules”
III. ManagementStop being so Rational in your Brand Management”
IV. F.Y.I.:
[ WSKF USA® Gasshuku 2020, Miami, Florida
[ Team USA, the USA National Karate Federation’s calendar of events
[ WKF 2020 Calendar: Premier League, Olympic qualifying events
[ WSKF News from around the World

We hope you enjoy the reading and that you share these tips with your students and colleagues. Please send us your news to include in our next edition. We will be uploading this on our website: https://www.wskf-usa-foundation.org/budo-tips/

Thank you for your support.
Very truly yours, for the Board of Trustees.

Francisco J. Quevedo, MBA, ABD
WSKF USA® Foundation
Member: USA National Karate Federation
Member: World Shotokan Karate-do Federation
(929) 208-5289 & 208-5284


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