Sunday, 19 August 2018

Warm up series by Francisco ASTUDILLO

Spinning shuto-uchi

The Karate-player use to be so tense in the upper front an back level, specifically at the shoulder level and torso and all the area where are evolved the hip. this due to expend a lot of time training straight movements punch and few type of kick. I would like to show you some kind of training for disengage this area of the body.

1. The firs exercise is relate to the shoulder, deltoid and trapezius, the key point is release this area in coordination with your breath and doing movement with wide range of the displacement.
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2. The follow exercise is relate to spinning and the uses of the side of you hand (shuto and haito). The key point is developed a right balance between spinning and circular movement. Be relax and let the body continue its track, this will give you real balance, coordination and endurance of your hand's parts.
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3. Geri-Kick: The present sequences shows us simple combination kicks which allows to keep good balance, develop strength, reaction, and flexibility in the Queadriceps, Hamstrings, calves, calf, adductor, Archilles's tendor and foot's plant, ball and border (shukuto, koshi, sukutei). Makes focus on pull back each geri, lift the knee form the star on till the end, flexibility, and use the correct part of the foot, otherwise the kick could lose control and performance.
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4. Unsu Kata: Just be relax when execute any Kata, in this case Unsu "Cloud Hands". focus on each singular technique, make sure that each one is on right place and right time. Hold the tension when is necessary and release when isn't.

5. Try always to do something different, brake the routine, add a few movement of spinning kick, spinning strike, frontal and circular kick attack, you also could just made focus on meddle level, be relax and try to follow up certain patron on your mind of different scenarios during of real Kumite, and let it go...

In this case of sequence you can feel how your body work out, add at least a max of 5 min rest between sequences, repeat each set on till you feel happy, be aware on each part of your body is working and connect your mind with this, this kind of exercise allows you build up your neuro-muscle condition, important point for all karate players and enjoy yourself

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