Sunday, 3 September 2017


With a sudden wish for sharing in a same picture after of called from Venezuela and Mexico Team, every delegation was encouraged to enjoy this moment in the end of XIII WSKF Championship 2017. To be honest, this was amazing time never seen before, I am sure that each member of WSKF feels that it is a great Organization able to join each country in one way, "A Big family". For me was a great honor to have sharing this Championship in company with Sorcha McCorry Astudillo who has been my support in the last year, WSKF means for me Family, union, friendship, fraternity, I found part of my way through Karate and the other part through WSKF. I have to be thanks full with Kamiyanagi Sensei who sadly passed away, Sensei H. Kasuya an icon on contemporary Karate, Sensei Fouad Korban reference to Venezuelan Karate, and Sensei Archibald Gooding son of God, each person gives the opportunity to grow. These persons have given to me, whereby I am very grateful. Is amazing how each year each member of WSKF trust more on the guidance of Kasuya Sensei and his philosophy of Live 'Budo'. Isn't just to make right Karate as a technique is visualize Karate as a whole where the other is important as you. This year my strong wish to the championship was to get a right harmony among Martial, respect, fraternity and familiarity, seeing a handshake, a hug after each match, even on casual catch up, meeting at any where  and any time told me that my wish was fulfilled. I am so please for that and I am sure that each member are in same signal . I want to send congratulation and recognize to all country who took part of the XIII WSKF Championship, their Chef Instructor and delegations, Sponsors and the rest of persons who did possible this event. Special thanks to Ireland family how has received me with cordiality, Sensei Mark Sheridan, Sensei Leslie Hogan, Mrs. Collette Miles McCorry, special recognize to Kasuya Family specialty to Sensei Taro Kasuya and Mss. Hanako Kasuya how did the best for giving us the best of Japan, all my Family on Venezuela, my mother María Peña, sisters, all my students from "Dojo Francisco Astudillo", friends and colleagues, and specially to Sorcha. Congratulation everyone, keep training and continue giving support to WSKF. Oss.

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