Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Irish Open 2017

The Cycle of the live is estrange but at the same time interesting. On 10th of September one day after that I arrived to Ireland was the “Irish Open 2016”, for me was exiting experience inasmuch as shared for first time as a coach with Sorcha Mc. Corry the lady who is my wife currently. After studied each competitor of high label we set up our strategy, strategy which took us to the first place, we had to identify the characteristic and performance from each competitor, our last match was of high performance between stamina, strategy and honour, Sorch got the first place. One year late Sorcha and myself can get worthy podium on Kata and Kumite, the Sorcha’s challenge was not just participate on Kumite with high performance otherwise on Kata as well, the result, 4 round to obtained the 4th place. For my side, participate on Kata Veterna, Kumite and Kata Senior. This year the tournament was the satisfaction to received squad from Canada, Germany, UK, Belgium, Portugal, France, and Luxemburg among others. The ONAKAI Body gave an excellent tournament, showing organization and punctuality.

Once again for us was a great opportunity for improve and developed our Karate Performance, after Japan on August which was a big challenge as well to this International tournament our preparation now as a couple increase every day, our best effort has been put all the focus on the basic technique, go back to the Elementary, understand that does not matter if you are senior o high standard competitor otherwise if not give attention to your elementary you never obtain excellent result.

We encourage for the best way, focus on basic, Karate-do traditional, check each part of the Kata that you like, which is the challenge and how can improved it, check the kihon, kihon kumite and how can change slight for does something different that allows you be shape and best.

We are on preparation now for the Belgium Open 2017 on November, we are sure that we are going to give the Best.


2017 Irish Open Video Highlights

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