Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Taikyoku Shodan

The Taikyoku series is a sequences of Kata used in several Karate Organizations to developed the main core of the beginner students. The name Taikyoku refers to the Chinese philosophical concept of Tajis ( "great pole" is a Chines cosmological term the "Supreme Ultimate", state of undifferentiated absolute and infinite potential).
The taikyoku katas were developed by Yoshihata Funakoshi and introduced by Ginchin Funakoshi to simplify the principles of the already Pinan/Heian series
Is a special Kata to introduce to Beginners in the first step of Karate system, Combined a series of block, attack and stance, ideal to developed the natural reaction between defense and count attack, allows to the students to be aware step’s sequences and right turn.
The best method to teach this introductory Kata is the twist of sight, so the important thing is the student understand how should turn by his/her right or left side, previously to do the turn it has to be indicate to look at for the correct way, right or left and then twist with all the body for this direction, most of the young beginner find those movements so complicate due that their short experience however as their practice for several time this process become easy.
The drawing generated for this Kata is like an “H” so the student eventually does a mental diagram of this patron on getting the right orientation.

Technique involved in the Kata
1. Chudan Oi Zuki
2. Gedan Barai
3. Zenkutzu Dachi

Check Point

1. Do not open the tiptoe when moved forward.
2. Do not rise the heel when it rotate
3. Keep bent your front leg and stretched your back leg.
4. Keep always same height even when does the spinning. 

1. The trajectory of the fist have always to follow a straight line between Hikite and the last point of trajectory in oi zuki, Remember elbows in.
2. Shoulders down.
3. Shomen front hip rotation

1. Cross both arms to do Gedan barai, make sure one of this have to be straight while the other one is near the ear.
2. Twisting the hips in each Gedan Barai.

Are you ready?

I show you the first video below

Taikyoku Shodan



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